Mission statement:

The American Hero Ride is an annual event held every year on Memorial Day weekend.  A group of motorcycle enthusiasts, known as the Independent Misfit Bikers (IMB's), support our military veterans that have given so that we can all enjoy our freedom.  We understand that freedom comes with a sacrifice and we appreciate all those who have served.  With having that on our minds, the IMB's raise money all year through a weekly jam (American Hero Jam) and our many sponsors to donate to the Memphis Veterans Hospital.  We are proud to say that this year marks or 10th year anniversary of taking our contribution and love to each patient, room by room.

The American Hero Ride features a 400 mile ride from Tulsa to the Veterans Spinal Hospital in Memphis Tennessee where the funds collected throughout the year are presented to the wounded Veterans. These funds have provided for support of programs that these brave Veterans would otherwise not have, such as cable TV, recreation center, Special Olympics and living quarters for loved ones while hospitalized. Money is also raised along the ride and celebrations with the VFWs go on nightly.

IMB has not only supported them with only money but, they have presented them custom appreciation medals, live music, food and some serious loving that many of them otherwise would not receive.

Mark your calendars for the next annual American Hero Ride on the weekend of May 24-25, 2014!